Meet Our Dark Academia Candle: The Bookish Candle| Our #1 Bestselling Candle

Meet Our Dark Academia Candle: The Bookish Candle| Our #1 Bestselling Candle

Scent Story Episode 2 The Remontant "Gift Me" Candle - Dark Academia

Our Dark Academia candle is the sweet, alluring aroma of creamy cardamom tea in the library of your dreams. The leather of the books is supple and the bookshelves are made of cedar wood giving extra warmth to the already cozy library, a book readers' candle. Dark Academia is a creamy sweet woodsy soy coconut wax candle in the Remontant's signature candle line. The Dark Academia candle quickly became known as the book readers' candle and became "The Remontant's" #1 bestselling candle.

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Fragrance Notes:

  • Cardamon: A creamy warm, aromatic essence accented by hints of herbal freshness with a captivating allure reminiscent of distant lands and cozy gatherings around spiced tea.
  • Leather: Its rich and robust scent reminiscent of well-worn elegance, adds a sophisticated and timeless allure to any fragrance, evoking images of vintage libraries and cherished leather-bound books.
  • Cedar: Its woody and resinous aroma, evokes the serene tranquility of a forest, imparting a sense of grounding and warmth to any fragrance.
7oz Dark Academia Candle with a crackling wooden wick soy coconut wax candle named Dark Academia, with notes of cardamon, leather, and cedar. A mysterious and elegant scent perfect for a night in with a good book. Shown with a cozy mug of tea and a stack of vintage books.



  • Sweet Creamy: A warm embrace of creamy cardamom tea curled up around a candle and book.
  • Smoky: The playful wafting of curling smoke mingling with the leather bound books captures the ambient presence of an enchante library filled with mystery and allure.
  • Woodsy: The cedar creates an all-encompassing ambient presence to relax in.
  • Warm: A cozy intrinsic feeling when reading a good book on a rainy day.
  • Adventurous: An enchanting adventure through an ancient library filled with 5-star leather-bound books and sweet cardamom tea.
Dark Academia Gift Me Candle Box

Scent Story:

The creation of this book-scented candle all began when our founder wanted to create a candle that smells like the books of her dreams, one the type that would be found in her dream library.

"Creating candles that smells like old books is hard, everyone has their take on it.

- Is it an antique book candle?
- Is it simply candles inspired by books in the general sense?
- Or is it the generic old book smell candle that everyone associates with when getting a book candle scent?

I knew mine had to be different to reflect on me as not just a reader but a lover of book-themed candles. I have smelled many literature candles, from the new book smell candle to the old book candle scent and I wanted something complex, unique and most definitely woodsy. I began experimenting with different fragrance combinations for months trying to find that perfect book lover's soy candle formulation. Until one night I was sitting down at my desk journaling and began daydreaming of my perfect reading setting.

It came to me then, an enchanted library filled with 5-star leather-bound books on elegant cedar wood bookshelves and a desk with sweet cardamom tea wafting in the air. Ironically I was drinking some cardamom tea when this actualization came to be. I turned my formulas towards this new insight and quickly found myself with a dark alluring enchanting scent that leans toward a dark candle aesthetic that I found quite pleasing and thus our Dark Academia candle was born."

- Mo The Founder 


Dark Academia Wood Wick Candle in Travel Size 3.5 oz Candle Tin

Due to how long it took Mo to formulate and perfect this scent, she was already selling online and in farmers for months before this scent was released in August 2023. Once released it quickly stole the charts and became The Remontants' #1 bestselling candle receiving 5 star reviews from customers.

The Dark Academia Candle is for candle enthusiast to casual fragrance lovers and everyone and anyone who wants a new nuanced scent to scent their teeth into. We have seen this audience be the most dynamic going from: 

-Book lovers who own multiple book-themed candles and want a nuanced version to add to book-lover candle rotation.
- Fragrance lovers that have found there next new passion to baskin i.e the dark academia candle
- People who are sick of one dimensional fragrance experience. 
- Those who long for a scent that is both sweet and alluring but dark and captivating allusive. 

In the pursuit of creating book inspired candles Mo was able to create a variably nuanced fragrance for lovers of the dark academia world and literature while also offering the general populace with a new intriguing scent that excited then and lent a homage to there own desires of adventure and cozy escapism. She did more than made a candle that smells of books but created an experience in which we give the books the ability to transcendence our current reality.

These 5-star reviews represent the community's compassion and joy for the Dark Academia Candle.

Dark Academia Wood Wick Candle Verified 5 star review
Dark Academia Candle  5 star review

"It's reading the opinions of these individuals who are essentially strangers to me outside of the Remontant, that makes what I do more worthwhile. It's one thing for your mom or sister to like what you're doing but it's a completely different thing for endless strangers to think wow she's going to make it. She has a great product.

- Mo 

"P.S I also I can't wait to transform our dark academia candle into a dark academia perfume, stay tuned."

- Mo

Experience the enticing magic of Mo's bookish dark academia-themed candle today and bring a sense of adventure and cozy escape into your home!

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