Why the Minimalistic Candle Design?

Why the Minimalistic Candle Design?

A simple black vessel for every candle... why does "The Remontant" use minimalistic candle design?

Here at "The Remontant", we treat scent as an artscape to create unique, distinctive fragrance experiences and thus has a diverse scent portfolio touching on all fragrance families, ranging from floral and woodsy to oriental and fresh, with new limited-edition scents released seasonally.

The minimalistic design allows the fragrance to take center stage and feel like a part of any home or environment. But there are a few other reasons as well... 

Here are the main reasons for our minimalistic design at The Remontant:

-All full-sized 7oz candles seamlessly mirror each other once out of their distinctive packaging to a luxe black vessel with only the simplistic logo. This design choice was to bring homage to our distinct scents as the main feature in the room while also staying true to our brand pillars.

-A candle serves as a functional design element to any home and a minimalistic black and white candle design allows it to shine bright or blend in depending on various home design choices. Having a neutral design that works across various decor styles is important to us. We love being home neutral 🥰

- Candles are a universal gift and our customers are always gifting our candles. Because of our minimalistic design, gifters only have to contemplate a scent choice rather than style compatibility to the recipient's home.

While all full-sized candles look the same once out of packaging, each candle comes with a bottom label identifying the candle while also serving as the primary label and the safety label.

Here is an example of the bottom candle warning & identification label for the 7oz "Gift Me" Candle:


The Remontant - Melon Rose Warning Label for 7 oz Gift Me Candle
The Last Reason: 
For the last reason we go back to the origin story of "The Remontant" with our founder Monique. 
" I started the remontant when I was really sick and my dysautonomia was at its worst, I was bed bound and it was a light in the darkness, an artful escape that I could venture to even when I was to dizzy to see straight. I always tell people that in my darkness I made a light and I mean that literally. The jar is a minimalistic matte black jar because when I was super dizzy all I could do was close my eyes to stop the room from spinning I would be in total darkness. The darkness was always the same but the scent was always different and through that the adventure would being. I would  forget my troubles and opt into my imagination and just daydream, reminiscent on better times  or create new worlds. Which is why I always tell people that I make the scents from my dreams, imagination and memories. All the signatures scents of the Remontant collection have a story, memory or artistic outlet to them. Which is why the jar is minimalistic and black it is a metaphor of the darkness I had to endure, when my illness was at its worse." 
- Founder Monique 
These are all the reasons The Remontant opts for it's minimalistic design choice in the "Gift Me" Candle 
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